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16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence


16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an International campaign to challenge gender violence. The campaign runs every year in November, The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to  December, International Human Rights Day.  Every year, the campaign adopts a new theme. This year's theme is Rape.


Each day during the 16 days of Action. Watford Women’s Centre will be posting stories, articles and research around the themes of rape and violence against women and girls. We want to inform and engage you in the discussion and encourage everyone to become an ambassador for the right of women to live free from gendered violence. Please click on the poster images below, to view the videos we have chosen for each topic, each day.


We also partnered with Watford Football Club on the 23rd November to launch the White Ribbon campaign in Watford. This event challenges men to lend their voices to a campaign to end male violence against women.


Day 1: Men supporting the campaign to end violence against women


Day 2: Toxic masculinity

Day 3: What men need to know about consent


Day 4: Sexual Violence Survivors' Guide: from report to court


Day 5: Rape - a global epidemic

Day 6: Violence against women: it's a men's issue

Day 7: Marital Rape

Day 8: Sexual harassment of women in the workplace


Day 9: Child marriage

Day 10: Incest

Day 11: Rape in conflict

Day 12: Femicide

Day 13: Partner Stalking

Day 14: Gang rape

Day 15: Sex trafficking and forced prostitution

Day 16: FGM


Domestic violence can be so easy for people to ignore, as it often happens without any witnesses and it is sometimes easier not to get involved. Yet, by publicly speaking out against domestic violence, together we can challenge attitudes towards violence in the home and show that domestic violence is a crime and not merely unacceptable.  


Honor Blackman

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