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Domestic abuse is not an issue that belongs just at home. Women experiencing domestic abuse are in the workplace; they are work colleagues and friends. Given that domestic abuse affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetime, the likelihood that a work colleague may be experiencing domestic abuse is significantly high. 


Employers have a duty of care and a legal responsibility to provide a safe and effective work environment for all employees. Employers also have a duty to tackle inequalities in the workplace. How employers respond to domestic abuse is an integral part of addressing both safety and inequality amongst their workforce.


Watford Women’s Centre is a highly respected, long-standing community leader in delivering domestic abuse support services across Hertfordshire. Watford Women’s Centre's Domestic Abuse Awareness Training has developed and is informed by over 30 years of regional experience and we therefore offer knowledge and expertise which address the unique circumstances of our local domestic abuse landscape in Hertfordshire.


Over the past 30 years we have delivered bespoke training and consultancy services to local profit and non-profit organisations including: 


Domestic Abuse Concerns (DAC)

This is our most popular continuous professional development course aimed at managers who want to learn more about domestic abuse, how to recognise the signs when an employee is in an abusive relationship, and how to support employees experiencing domestic abuse.


The training course offers a blended learning opportunity for participants, combining lecture-type learning with case-studies, as well as practical and interactive group-work sessions. The course can be delivered face-to-face or online, depending on the organisation's needs.


Course Structure 

Duration: From 3 to 5 hours, depending on the organisation's needs
Participant numbers: 10-30
Location: On and off site and online 
Course content:

Cost: £300-£600 


To find out more about how DAC can help your organisation please email Alison Thomas 

The Watford Women's Centre DA awareness training opened our eyes to this issue and how we as employers can help support women in our workforce who are suffering in silence. Comprehensive and informative, this course is a must for any local employer. 

The facts about Domestic Abuse in the Workplace


1. It is estimated 15% of the female workforce is experiencing domestic abuse.

2. 574,000 working women have experienced domestic violence and abuse over the last twelve months alone. 

3. Among this group, 122,000 have taken time off work due to domestic abuse.

4. There was an average of less than one disclosure to employers over the previous 12 months, which suggests not enough employees feel supported to raise the problem.


5. The average length of unplanned leave for women experiencing domestic violence is approximately 10 days. 

6. In the U.K., the potential loss of earnings per woman each year is estimated to be £5,800 as a result of absences related to abuse.

7. According to the Home Office, domestic abuse costs the UK £14 billion in lost economic output each year. 


8. An estimated £1.9 billion is paid for by employers in terms of time off work, sick pay, and the loss of valued employees. 


9. A recent study by Durham University found that 54% of employers said domestic abuse caused the quality of an employee’s work to suffer and 56% said it led to absenteeism.


10. 86% of HR leads agree that employers have a duty of care to provide support to employees on the issue of domestic abuse but only 5% of organisations have a specific policy or guidelines on the issue.