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Domestic abuse affects all women irrespective of their ethnic group. But we know from the work of our specialist Migrant & Ethnic Minority Outreach Worker, that women from some communities can experience domestic abuse in different ways and some migrant women may face additional barriers to accessing support services, such as their immigration status.

If you are a woman aged 18 years and over and live in Hertfordshire, please contact our specialist outreach worker Martha if you are experiencing any of the following:



How we can help

We have a dedicated outreach worker who specialises in supporting migrant and ethnic minority women, and we support all women,  including those without recourse to any public funding. 

However, if you are concerned that our specialist worker is from the same community as yourself, or that she may also know your family or partner, you can be referred to our general domestic abuse service. The support we offer may include:

•Long term counselling to help you overcome the mental health trauma of abuse
•ESOL courses for migrants whose first language is not English, to help you gain English language skills, enabling you to access employment and other support services
•Employability training to help you earn qualifications and skills to gain employment and to achieve financial independence
•Support & advice to help you access additional services which you need
•Legal advice to support you with legal issues relating to finances, children, marriage or your immigration status.


To contact our specialist Migrant & Ethnic Minority Outreach worker please email Martha, call or Wahtsapp her on 0799 9772123. 

My doctor told me about the Watford Women’s Centre. At first I was scared to go there but when I did I was met at the door by woman with a big smile on her face. I felt relieved after we’d chatted for a while, and she told me about how WWC can help me. I started going to the Centre often where I feel safe, it’s like my second house, they are all are very friendly and loving. I met with some other women there and we are now friends. With the help of all the staff I'm now confident, with more to say. I can never stop thanking WWC and for being the woman I am today.