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These have been particularly challenging and worrying times for our community, as the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020 and continues.


Reported incidences of domestic abuse has risen by 50% due to lockdown and many people in our community lost their jobs and their income. The pandemic has also had a significant impact on mental health; the extent of loneliness has risen, from 10% of UK adults, to 25%.   In addition, the proportion who say they are “coping well with the stress of the pandemic” has fallen steadily, from almost 73% in April 2020 to 62% in November 2020.   


Due to the dedication and determination of our team, we were able to adapt our life-saving and life-changing services quickly and without disruption. Our values of listening, empowerment, collaboration and accountability were at the centre of our response. Staff worked remotely from home, and were able to respond to calls from our community by phone and email. We delivered online training courses to continue to support those in need of employment advice . Guided by our principle of partnership working through a coordinated community response, we worked even more closely with our community partners, to respond to the needs of our community.


Current funders responded to the crisis to support our work through some extra funding or through diversifying funding and through their expertise.  Our community came together to make donations for women in need. We thank you all.


We anticipate that the demand for our services will continue to increase during 2021 and we are working hard to respond appropriately. Every day we are inspired by those we support, their strength and resilience against often impossible odds and we remain determined and committed to our vision of a community that is safe, violence-free and where everyone is given the opportunity to live to their full potential.


Fiona Miller 

Reported incidents of domestic abuse have risen by 50% due to lockdown and many people in our community lost their jobs and their income.