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Our vision is a community in which women lead safe, equal, violence-free lives so that they can flourish and actively contribute to society.  We firmly believe that working with our local business community brings enormous benefits for women experiencing domestic abuse. The greatest impact for our charity is to build long term and bespoke partnerships with local businesses based on understanding, collaboration and measurable outcomes. To that end we offer:


Significant community engagement opportunities

We are fully embedded in our local community with robust partnerships across statutory and non-statutory local organisations.


Career ready women

We can support your recruitment drives by putting you in touch with a diverse range of women we have helped through our education and training services who are now looking to develop sustainable careers.


Staff awareness training

Our expert staff can deliver domestic abuse awareness workshops for your managers making them aware of how they can support members of staff experiencing domestic abuse.


Volunteering & mentoring opportunities

We offer ‘hack’ projects where our staff work with your employees intensively on essential projects that can help build teams, and provide invaluable outcomes for staff across our organisations. We also offer mentoring opportunities for your employees to inspire women who want to break free of domestic abuse.


Feel good fundraising & brand reach

We run a 4 seasons Fundraising Calendar each year providing your staff and our local community an opportunity to get together and have fun raising funding for our cause. A corollary of that is heightened awareness of your corporate social responsibility brand across Hertfordshire.


Impact measurement

Our impact measurement focuses on what can help both sides of the partnership improve their impact. We need to understand what value we are bringing to you and visa-versa.


We would love to work with you! To find out more please email our CEO, Fiona Miller or call us on

01923 816 229. 

Five reasons to support us

1. We are the only integrated domestic abuse service in Hertfordshire offering long term support for women suffering domestic abuse.


2. We have been providing life-changing services to women for over 30 years. 


3. Each year 1,000 local women rely on us to provide expert, practical & emotional support & advice. 


4. Our outreach worker is the only dedicated resource for migrant and ethnic minority women suffering domestic abuse in Hertfordshire.


5. 12,000 women per year report domestic abuse in Hertfordshire.