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Our services are open to all women over the age of 18 experiencing domestic abuse. We offer face-to-face and telephone appointments with a specialist domestic abuse worker who will listen and give accurate information in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. Initially we would discuss the situation, assess safety needs, and discuss options. We may refer to the following support services depending on personal circumstances:


My Life Domestic Abuse awareness workshops 

Our 12-week My Life Domestic Abuse Awareness and Support workshops bring together women who are experiencing domestic abuse, in a supportive group environment. The workshops help women to learn more about the different aspects of domestic abuse, build their self esteem and confidence, and help them to plan for a better and safer future for themselves. To find out more, please click here


Specialist Domestic Abuse support for Migrant & Ethnic Minority women

Our specialist service for Migrant and Ethnic Minority women helps to tackle domestic abuse issues which are relevant to a particular community or culture, and provides access to services which migrant women may not have been aware that they could utilise.


Legal advice

We work closely with a group of local solicitors and we can refer women for free family law and/or immigration law advice. To find out more information about legal advice appointments, please contact Martha.



We can provide 1:1 counselling support through our therapists who are working towards their British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Registration.  We can offer you low cost weekly counselling sessions of up to one year. To find out more about our counselling, and how to be placed on the assessment waiting list, please click here 


Peer-to-peer support groups & telephone helpline 

Our My Ally telephone and peer-to-peer support groups for women of 18+ provide a listening ear to women experiencing domestic abuse or relationship issues. The service is provided by trained volunteers who are domestic abuse survivors, who will be able to listen and provide support.


Education & Training 

Our education and training services can provide skills training and careers advice to all women, giving them the opportunity to lead financially independent and fulfilling lives. Please browse our education and training services here.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

We provide a variety of personal development and wellbeing courses to support women to strengthen their mental resilience and improve their self confidence. For more details, please click here. We also have free facebook social groups for women and offer low-cost counselling



We are able to signpost to other appropriate agencies, including support to apply for access a refuge, if required. Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline / Herts Sunflower / Safer Places


Domestic Abuse Awareness Training For Employers

Our Domestic Abuse Awareness Training is designed to help employers recognise when employees are in an abusive relationship, and to teach them how to support employees who are experiencing domestic abuse. For information about our Domestic Abuse Awareness Training, see here.


To access our domestic abuse support services please call us to book an appointment on our general number 01923 816 229 or please contact Alison on 07857 973 718 or Martha on 07999 772 123. 

You have helped me walk tall again, without the fear that has followed me for so long. You have shown me that we are worthy as women and that we have to hold on to our self-esteem even when others would try to destroy it. I became me again and turned a negative experience into a positive outcome.

Domestic Abuse Support Service News:


November 3-session My Life Workshop


Free Domestic Abuse Support Appointments

Call 01923 816 229

or Martha on 07999 772 123

or Alison on 07857 973 718


Free Legal Advice Support Appointments

Contact Martha on 07999 772 123


My Life programme course information

Contact Alison on 07857 973 718

or Martha on 07999 772 123

or the Education Team on 01923 816 229 


Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for Employers

Contact Alison on 07857 973 718



Are you in immediate danger?

For emergencies call 999

For non-emergencies call 101

24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline  0808 2000 247