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Police: 999 non-emergency 101

24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline 

0808 2000 247



Herts Refuge IDVA 0300 790 6772

Safer Places 03301 025 811 

Domestic abuse- what is it?

Does your partner or family member, intimidate you, check up on you, dislike you having friends, call you names and criticise you, restrict your access to money or health care, hurt you, blame you for the way they feel?


Do you feel…frightened, depressed, isolated, powerless?


Are you in a relationship:


This could be an abusive relationship and may be experienced by both women and men aged 16 years and over. Domestic abuse happens in marriages, partnerships, same sex relationships and families. It occurs in all cultures, class structures, age groups and is happening today in your neighbourhood.


How can Watford Women’s Centre help me?


We offer an appointment (face to face or on the telephone) with a specialist domestic abuse worker who will listen and give you accurate information in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. Initially we would talk to you about your situation, assess the safety needs of you and any children and discuss your options.


These may include:



How do I access the services?

You can ring us to book an appointment to talk through your situation over the phone with our specialist support workers on 01923 816 229. Select the Domestic Abuse Option.


Will it be confidential?

We hope you will feel comfortable talking openly with the support worker. Whatever is discussed is strictly confidential to the agency unless we have concerns regarding the safety of yourself or others, in particular children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding concerns may be passed on to relevant people who need to know and we will always try and include you in this process.

You have helped me walk tall again, without the fear that has followed me for so long.


You have shown me that we are worthy as women and that we have to hold on to our self-esteem even when others would try to destroy it.


I became me again and turned a negative experience into a positive outcome.


My Ally - our new domestic abuse and relationship telephone support service


My Ally is our new National Lottery funded project which is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  We will be recruiting more volunteers soon. To find out more about these volunteer opportunities, please email Keely:


Free Family Law Advice Sessions


We can signpost you to a local family law solicitor for advice. Call us to book a telephone or Zoom appointment.





Free Immigration Law Advice Sessions


We can also signpost you to a local immigration law solicitor for advice. Call us to book an appointment.









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