A gift in your will could help provide important life changing funds for our services which provide vital help for women who experience domestic abuse. Once you have ensured that your loved ones are provided for, even a small donation in your will to Watford Women's Centre can go a long way. We have partnered with Kwil, who provide a free will-writing service. Write your will for free


Give in memory 

Losing a loved one is never easy. Gifting in memory is a remarkable way of paying tribute and honouring the life of a loved one while simultaneously making a real difference and paving the way towards a world where women can lead safe, violence-free and equal lives. 


Donate online

You can make a donation online to us in memory of a loved one. 


Funeral directors

Most funeral homes will organise in-memory donations for you for the charity of your choice. 

Please speak to your funeral director about your wish to make a donation to us. 


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