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We provide a range of services that deliver life transforming outcomes for our community in a number of ways. We provide support for emotional and mental health, as well as practical support tailored to the needs of women experiencing domestic abuse. We also provide education, training and wellbeing courses to the wider community.


The Impact Report provides a snapshot of how we supported our local community during 2020-21.























Social Media and website analytics 2020-21

The increase in social media reach and impressions in 2020-21 was largely due to Covid-19 and the way in which we adapted to the public's reliance on technology to communicate and to access services. The figures do not include any posts into Facebook Groups, because the analytics for posts in groups can only be obtained by the Group's Administrator. So whilst our extensive Facebook Group activity cannot be measured, it is very valuable as it increases our exposure and promotes what we do to people who might not follow our main page.




Our webpages were viewed over 34 000 times from 01 April 2020- 31 March 2021, with over half of the visits from new users, and a 66% increase of visitors accessing the home page, mainly from Google and Bing searches, direct traffic to the website, and referrals from Facebook posts. The majority of our users accessed the website in English, with Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese being the next main languages. The increase is likely to be largely due to Covid-19 lockdowns which encouraged people to search for online services, and for services offered remotely, as well as our use of social media to direct people to the website for further information on services available.


When accessing the website, most users migrated from the home page to the education page, followed by counselling, domestic abuse pages and then volunteering pages.

I was encouraged to improve my English and I have a job now thanks to the careers service at Watford Women’s Centre.

Beverley’s Story 

I came to the UK on a spousal visa after getting married in my home country. My husband was lovely at first. He helped me look for work, filled out the application forms for me, supported me in opening a bank account. We went everywhere together, to church, food shop, clothes shopping, park. He took me to work everyday and picked me up. Everything was perfect. I thought he loved me. 


Then one day I told him I would get the bus to work. He got very angry accusing me of being ungrateful for all his sacrifices. He also started asking me not to talk to people in church. He was following me around everywhere, listening in to my conversations with other church members. He started complaining about my cooking, what I was wearing.  He was checking how I was spending my money every day and then one day he stopped my bank card. He became verbally abusive and I became frightened. It became normal to me and anyway I didn’t think airing my dirty linen in public was going to help me. I wanted this marriage to work. I loved him. So I put up with him. 


But over time he made me feel worthless. I felt suffocated. Then he started threatening me with deportation and that was the point when I felt I needed to talk to someone. 


I contacted the Watford Women’s Centre. My Domestic Abuse case worker made an initial assessment of me and she worked with me for a long time. She made me recognise, I was being abused. I genuinely thought that his behaviour towards me was normal.  The Centre talked to me like a friend. They told me about my options, they give me the time I needed to build my confidence, they didn’t judge me.  When I felt ready, I left him and they helped me to find safe accommodation and access to free legal advice. 


I am happy now. I’m in a safe environment and my dream is to train as a nurse with the NHS. I know I can make that  dream come true. Watford Women’s Centre made that possible for me and I will always be grateful to them.