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Major donors are crucial to the work we do, making a significant impact to local women across Hertfordshire.  


Our work is focused on empowering women to break free of domestic abuse, gain the skills and training to become financial independent of their abusers and support them to achieve the physical and mental resilience to overcome the trauma of abuse.


With your philanthropic support, we can continue to reach more women to lead positive and independent lives and remain safe. 


To find out more about how you can get involved please email us 

What your philanthropy will do?

Our impact on our local community is significant. Women are breaking free from abuse; they are gaining employability skills to move on with their lives and the quality of their life is improved through our services. Please read our latest impact here


Your funds will allows us to reach more women experiencing domestic abuse and provide them with support which they say they need. Your support can provide mental health counselling, support for ethnic and migrant women in our community,  help the most vulnerable women to achieve skills in computing, learn to speak English, achieve a basic level of maths or develop the mental and physical resilience to achieve independent and safe lives. 


Why Watford Women's Centre?

In communities across Hertfordshire, 1000's of women a year are relying on us to provide  domestic abuse support, free legal services,  emotional support, expert couselling, careers advice, skills training, signposting to other services, basic essentials.  We are determined to be there for all women who need our help the most and have no one else to turn to, but we desperately need your support. All of our domestic abuse services rely on year-on-year donations and the generosity of major donors and philanthropists. 





I donate to Watford Women’s Centre so that more women can continue to receive the services that help them move away from damaging relationships and find their own worth again.

Five reasons to support us


1. We are the only integrated domestic abuse services in Hertfordshire offering long term support for women suffering domestic abuse.


2. We have been providing life-changing services to women for over 30 years. 


3. Each year 1,000 local women rely on us to provide expert, practical & emotional support & advice. 


4. Our outreach worker is the only dedicated resource for migrant and ethnic minority women suffering domestic abuse in Hertfordshire.


5. 12,000 women per year report domestic abuse in Hertfordshire.