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Every time you visit a website, do a word search or view images your device saves your data. Private Browsing stops websites from saving data about you. Your history will also be deleted when Private Browsing is activated and you close your browsing window. You can activate Private Browsing in the tools bar when opening a new window. Remember to only browse in this private window and close the window when finished.


Toolbars (Google, Chrome, Safari, Yahoo, Mozilla etc) record search words you have typed into the toolbar search box. You will need to clear these searches when you have finished if you do not want someone else to know you have searched these words. Each toolbar has a different way of deleting this history.


Google: Click on the Google icon, click ‘clear search history’


Firefox 8: Click on Tools and Options. Firefox bundles cookies, forms and history under the heading ‘history’. Click the privacy tab, then on “clear your recent history”. Select the period you want to delete. Click on Details to select cookies, forms etc. To delete passwords click on the security tab where you can view all the passwords saved when you browse the web. You can delete them here and remember not to allow Firefox to save them in the future. In Firefox you (or someone accessing your computer) can read the passwords saved on your system. If you use the same passwords for many things consider changing them all if you have allowed your browser to save any. You can also adjust how you want Firefox to store your data under the privacy tab.


Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options. In the general page under browser history, select delete button. Either select and delete each section: Temporary internet files; Cookies, History; Forms data and Passwords; or select the Delete all.


Safari: Go to history- click clear history. To remove cookies go to Settings, then preferences, click privacy tab and remove all website data.


Other browsers: There are many other browsers and new ones appear every day. If you do not know the type of browser you are using, click on Help on the toolbar at the top of the browser screen. A drop down menu will appear, the last entry will say About Internet Explorer, About Mozilla Firefox, or something similar. The entry refers to which browser type you are using – you should then refer to the relevant instructions above or you can search online for how to delete browser history and follow the guidance. 

The ICT courses I have done have really helped me to understand the different types of internet browsers and how to stay safe online.